Here are some of my recent projects

K40 Laser cutter

A 40W CO2 Laser cutter For cutting and engraving wood and acrylic glass. Used regularly for shelfs, project boxes and it makes great gifts!
I have added a digital voltage readout to accurately set the laser power.

3D Printer

I have heavily modified this 3D printer. It now has an E3D v6 as the hotend in a bowden setup and utilizes a RAMPS controller and a Raspberry PI2 for electronics. This comes in very handy for fabricating custom parts for projects like the rover or the magnus-effect plane.


A fully autonomous rover made out of an old golf bag cart. Controllable over a 433MHz serial telemetry link, bluetooth, WiFi web interface and manually with a regular RC remote. It can navigate around obstacles using GPS, compass and an inertial measurement unit. A Kalman filter is used to fuze the sensor data. Additionally it broadcasts a 5GHz video for remote viewing of what it sees enabling an operator to get it out of sticky situations even from 2+km away! This runs using a Arduino for sensor reading, motor control and a Raspberry Pi for navigation and computation. The controls are encased in a custom made Box created with my Laser cutter.

NOAA Weather Satellites

Sea Temperature:

It turns out that receiving images from weather satellites ain’t that hard. You can do it with a 20€ software defined radio(SDR) and a simple dipole antenna. I am currently working on a new roof antenna and permanent automated capture process so stay tuned!

Quad RC

A project to replace a broken controller from a toy quad with a custom arduino one which has remote control capability’s for parental supervision. Read more here

Floppy Tron

Making music with floppy drives. This floppy drive array connects over USB to a computer and is recognized as a normal Midi instrument.

Magnus-effect Plane

A plane with no wings in front? Yea it utilizes the magnus-effect. It spins the front rolls at ~7000RPM to create lift. This project involved a lot of 3D printing.

Surface Car Mount

Play games and watch movies while going on vacation. Fresh nice laser cut wood smell included!

LSI Raid Controllers

I have written a blog about this. //Read more here